Police found the discipline why if he lost.

Investigator André de Sorocaba was investigating the involvement of Rodrigo Teixeira Lima, parliamentary aide to Deputy José Olímpio, in a gang specializing in car crashes in the Sorocaba Region.

He was already becoming suspicious that there was something else involved, which had nothing to do with what he was investigating. Rodrigo seemed to be charged by someone else who would have to meet to “solve a problem.”

Then they set to meet once, and a second time, but the person who wanted to talk to Rodrigo did not show up, so they made a third date.

If the person who wanted the meeting had asked for the address maybe the crime would never have been clarified, but the person did not ask for it. He tried to “get the eye” and so made several calls to Rodrigo to reach the destination.

All this under the investigator’s listening. And during these connections, Andre fought that Rodrigo would go through a Crime Court to find out if he had raped a thirteen-year-old girl.

At one point in the recording, the excerpt appears: “The girl who lived with me is no longer there, I” kicked her. “”

The antennas were connected and then followed the route that the vehicle made until it disappears beside the Tietê river near the Park Road in Itu.

If he had not lost himself, Ratinho RT would not have picked up the subject on the phone, he would not have been followed by the researcher André who was monitoring the cell phone and moving through the antennas and GPS, and thus the researcher Moacir Cova would not have been able to locate the white Gol card Which he used through the monitoring cameras, and without this footage could not have reached the owner of the vehicle, which led to faction members who would have to summarize the alleged rapist, who was identified by researcher Moacir Cova as being the discipline of the city: RT mouse.

One thing leading to another, but if it had not gotten lost it might never have been found and much less identified as being Itu’s brother discipline of the First Command of Capital PCC 1533.

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