The First Command of the Capital PCC 1533 in Bolivia.

The Special Force against Drug Trafficking FELCN, a specialized group in the fight against drug trafficking by the Bolivian police, rules out the possibility of the First Command of the Capital PCC 1533 and of the Comando Vermelho CV being deployed within Bolivia a system of domination inside and outside Of prisons as it is today in Brazil.

This information was passed by the Government Minister of Bolivia Carlos Gustavo Romero Bonifaz, explaining that there is no interest on the part of the Brazilian criminal organizations in establishing itself in the country because that nation is only a route for the passage of drugs to other countries.

In an interview for El Dber news, Carlos Romero said that the Brazilian factions may possibly have representatives in their territory with the mission of managing gang interests.

Romero further explains that cocaine marketed in Bolivia is of Peruvian origin and is carried to Brazil, Europe, and Asia; Marijuana comes from Paraguay and goes to Chile and Argentina. He cites as an example of the profitability of this business, the purchase and transportation to Mexico, where there is approximately 380% overprice in the destination.

Bolivia is part of the “Solimões Route” which, according to the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, is one of the main drug routes in the country from the North and is controlled by the successor of Nelson Flores Collantes acting jointly with the Frente Primeiro group, a dissident Of the FARC, and possibly with connections with the Amazonian Northern Family FDN faction.

Brazilian media reports that today it may be in the country to command the actions of Rogério Jeremias de Simone, Gegê do Mangue, but Bolivian authorities say that the last negotiators of the “First Command of the Capital” were Maximiliano Dorado Munhoz Filho and Ozzie Dorado Lozadas.

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