The leader of the PCC Carlos Caballero returns to Brazil.

Unlike Marcos Willians Herbas Camacho, Marcola, who has always denied having a connection with the faction First Command of the Capital PCC 1533, Carlos Antonio Caballero, Capillo, in video assumes to be one of the leaders of the faction in both Paraguay and Brazil.

He and Pavão, Jarvis Chimenes Pavão, were arrested together in 2009 and together they would have devised a plan to assassinate Horacio Manuel Cartes Jara, the president of Paraguay, who after the assassination of Jorge Rafaat Toumani withdrew the privileges they had inside the prison system Paraguayan:

“Pavão’s VIP pavilion was equipped with three suites, double beds and televisions, as well as having a library, a kitchen and an office where he dispatched with his commandos.” (Veja Magazine)

After the fall of the Minister of Justice of Paraguay, Carla Bacigalupo the First Command of the Capital would have offered a reward of five million dollars for the death of Horacio Jara. The intention would be to soften the prison situation of the arrested CCPs and prevent extradition to Brazil.

Capillo’s extradition demonstrates that the faction did not succeed in putting pressure on the Paraguayan government. During the period that Capillo worked for the CCP in the countries of the southern border of Brazil he reduced the price paid for drugs abroad by reducing the margins of the Paraguayan middlemen by creating a direct competitive supply line from Bolivia.

In this new environment created by Capillo the Sao Paulo faction may oppose the Red Command and its allies in the South, since the Paraguayans negotiated with both factions and could at any moment cut or reduce the supply of one of the gangs.

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