Prisons as a reality show for your enjoyment.

Reading several articles from the most diverse levels and origins regarding the First Command of Capital PCC 1533 every day is an adventure. Sometimes it gives a lot of pleasure, for others it discourages.

The article “Reality Show of Brazilian Prisons” by Professor Gilson César Augusto da Silva was frankly discouraging, probably because it was published in 2002 and because of those mysteries of the internet, it has now started to circulate again.

At that time the Brazilian prisons were chaotic, with a lot of prisoners: one per day died to leave more space and better conditions for others, a true television show transmitted in national chain.

The draws were not made in institutions run by the CCP, making it clear that the prison mass had reached its boiling point, but the unorganized detainees had not elected the larger enemy, killing each other. The First Command had already chosen an enemy that united everyone: the oppression of the prison system and its controller, the Government. The faction has held ten thousand people hostage inside the prisons in a dozen simultaneous rebellions and with a clear roster of demands for improvements in the conditions of the jail.

In the article Prof. Gilson César initially gives a brief history of the evolution of the Prison System of antiquity until reaching this moment of rupture, and used to compare with the reality transmitted by Big Brother Brazil: confined people:

“… so-called” reality shows “… weekly a participant is eliminated … although of debatable taste, the programs show how difficult it is human coexistence. The houses where these reality shows are held are real mansions … there is still good food, psychologists, behavioral psychiatrists, doctors, among other perks. Besides the competitor can leave the program when you want … what you see in a few days of coexistence? Extremely stressed people, depressive, aggressive, with complaints of all kinds, fights, cries, reciprocal offenses. Is it difficult to live together? No doubt. But if it is difficult for those participants, with all these blessings, imagine for the prisoners. ”

The author then emphasizes the differences of the two realities and again criticizes the prison system, nothing new. Well, that’s what I thought at first, but from those mysteries of the internet, this article that has now come back served to demonstrate that nothing really has changed.

In January of this year the massacres began in the prisons which, although they have cooled, continue, and just as at that time the Brazilian prisons were chaotic, with prisoners dying every day in the faction war to secure more space and better conditions to fulfill the sentence, a True national television show.

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