Paraguay declares war against the First Command.

Alfredo Barreto Guillén key man in the organization of the First Command of the Capital PCC 1533 in Paraguay was not found by the police despite a broad operation coordinated by the Paraguayan police intelligence sector. Three buildings in Hernandárias near the Brazilian border of Foz do Iguaçu were invaded by the public forces and Rebeca Zaracho Giménez, wife of Alfredo, was arrested in one of them as well as drugs and a stolen motorcycle.

This week the government of that country took care of the deportation of Carlos Antonio Caballero and should soon send Jarvis Chimenes Pavão here, both are part of the high hierarchy of the São Paulo faction acting in Paraguayan territory.

The Public Ministry of the Republic of Paraguay reported that sentences ranging from 12 to 20 years imprisonment members of the “First Capital Command” in Ciudad Del Este were sentenced. Thiago Jiménez (Matrix), José Carlos de Almeida, and Alberto Roa were recognized as members of the PCC. The penalties were imposed despite the assault on the Prosegur strong car that they planned to have failed to materialize, as police were able to prevent the gang from taking part in wiretaps and seized documents.

Perhaps for all these reasons the location of Gegê do Mangue is a mystery. Initially it was assumed that his fate had been Paraguay after his release from the Brazilian prison system, but now many bet that he is managing the actions of Bolivia or even Brazil.

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