PCC leader promises to take revenge on the police.

Yesterday in publishing the story about the actions of the Paraguayan police forces in an attempt to stop the growth of the First Command of the Capital PCC 1533 in that country, could not have predicted that Alfredo Barreto Guillén would be captured at that very moment and that this could threaten so many lives.

A mega-operation was set up for its capture. Three houses in Hernandarias were invaded by public forces and his wife Rebeca Zaracho Giménez was arrested, as were two of his allies: Denis Morales and Lorenzo Pérez Acosta.

As a key man in the faction scheme, I imagined he was far away at that moment, possibly crossing the border, but agents were informed that he would be drinking in front of one of his houses.

When the police arrived, Alfredo tried to make a movie escape by running into the building, through roofs, and jumping the walls of the houses, firing at the police, but was eventually shot in the leg in the Barrio Las Mercedes.

We can see the arrest of Alfredo and his gang in two ways:

To believe that it is only a prison like those that happen daily, plus one in the day to day of the eternal fight between good and evil, and thus we lose the hopes that either side wins; or
Look with optimism if not with a sad realism that fact. The good side is that between the dead and wounded have all been saved, and it has been so in almost all clashes between the Paraguayan cell CCP Primer Capital and the police forces.
There is in both cases a point of balance unlike 2006 when there was a temporary break of this implicit social pact between the world of crime, that of public security, and the state. And many people died: security agents, citizens, and criminals. The dead were numbered in the attack wave of the First Command of the Capital.

Yesterday in publishing the story about the actions of the Paraguayan police forces, it did not happen to me that a single man could destroy the whole balance in which our society was structured after 2006, but Alfredo Barreto Guillén promised that he will change that by announcing that the faction Will take revenge on his prison by attacking the Paraguayan police.

May I not allow it, but if you allow God and the Enemy to be prepared to receive in your arms another dozen soldiers on both sides of this war.

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