FARC officers and soldiers joined to the PCC?

It was on December 1, 2016. The world changed, the future of all of us perhaps being rewritten at that time when the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia were laying down their weapons after 52 years of struggle. Few of us realize what that would mean to our safety.

The FARC guerrillas were exercised with chilling brutality, and these men would not readily accept bowing to the oppression of the authorities, not accepting the sweet words and the golden cages. That seemed to some of course, to others not so much, but most Brazilians even thought about these problems.

Now it knocks at our doors, but the sleeping giant has not yet realized.

The first smoke came from the massacres in the north of the country. There were more than a hundred souls who followed their destiny in the prisons of Amazonas, Roraima, and Rio Grande do Norte. There were several causes, but the fuse was the end of the FARC that maintained the balance of forces between the Brazilian factions on the northern border of Brazil.

On January 3, we published a story entitled “The Future of the PCC to FARC Belongs” where we worked on an article by Román D. Ortiz published in the Military Essays Magazine and that shed some light on this link little explored by the Brazilian press.

Earlier this week, Kevin Knodell published an article entitled “Former FARC Fighters Make Hot New Hires” on an American military website. It begins by making a history of the First Command of the Capital from its cradle in Carandiru to the present time where it disputes outside the Brazilian borders the domain of organized crime.

I have not been able to verify from other sources some information passed by Knodell in his article, but I reproduce here to be evaluated by the reader.

The article states that the Colombian government has declared that there are around 150 to 300 revolutionaries who did not accept the pact and opted for clandestine, and these are being disputed by several Brazilian criminal organizations among them the PCC and the Family of the North FDN, besides the Colombian faction Los Urabeños.

The Urabeños group is paying something around US $ 600.00 per month for the guerrillas who are migrating to their side and working within the borders of Colombia, that is something around R $ 1,900.00. It is not known how much the Brazilian factions are offering to come here.

The concern for us Brazilians and especially for the military is that FARC soldiers are not specialized in drug trafficking and assault as are the soldiers of the Brazilian factions, the Colombians were trained to direct confrontation with the police and military forces.

Knodell quotes two names that could come to Brazil to join the First Command of the Capital: Gentil Duarte and Francisco Javier Builes (John 40). The two were expelled late last year from the FARC, Duarte for disagreeing on the peace process, and John 40 who was responsible for the organization’s finances for diverting money into personal spending.

The FARC guerrillas that fought with chilling brutality with the police and the Colombian army for nearly a century against “oppression of the authorities” are dissolving and some of their own are not accepting the sweet words and golden cages. That seemed to some of course, to others not so much, but most Brazilians even thought about these problems.

Maybe it’s time for the giant to wake up and start thinking.

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