The oppression of the penal system is the fault of the lawyers.

I see dead people ─ who watched the movie “The Sixth Sense” can not remember the moment when the boy speaks that phrase to Bruce Willis. Like in the movie the ghosts are often not who we think.

Question: who created and demands that this Code of Criminal Procedure be kept so horrendous that only the person in person can understand?
Answer: The capeta himself.

Rafael Godoi of the Sociology Department of the University of São Paulo volunteered for a Catholic Prison Ministry in penitentiaries in the state of São Paulo and published an ethnographic article thinking about the inmates:

“Experience of pen and population management in penitentiaries in São Paulo, Brazil”

What impresses in reading is how he describes the despair of the detainee who feels bound, lost, and wronged for not knowing the time that he will actually fulfill. As incredible as it sometimes seems, he does not even know if he was really condemned:

“… we are approached by several prisoners and their questions:” What do you need to request the extract? License plate number? “As we approach, a long line is already formed. Fatima looks in her heavy bag for the packet of extracts corresponding to the “ray” we are in and handing it over to the “sector”, which passes on to another who takes him to the “judicial” room in order to organize the distribution – A large volume of prisoners heads there … ”

The description of the pastoral visit most looks like the desk of an office of dispatch of a public lawyer, are dozens of doubts, recounts of time, and appeals. It is evident the climate of despair of men who have no idea how long they will fulfill and where.

Question: Who cares about this reality?
Answer: To the capeta himself.

New rules are being created every day to slow down the “unjust” penal system, creating mechanisms and more mechanisms that allow the prisoner’s defense, progressions, and benefits.

The lawyer can then appeal …
The lawyer can then order the habeas corpus …
The lawyer can request the calculation of the penalty …
The lawyer to set up the half-open …
The lawyer can mount the BI …
The lawyer…

I hear dead people. ─ As in the movie, the ghosts are often not the ones who think, and this is the case with the Brazilian criminal and prison system: are the lawyers who prevent this reality from changing?

The First Command of Capital PCC 1533 struggles against the oppression of the prison system, but in fact does it know who the ghost is haunting the prison community? They fight against the government, against the conditions of the prison, against the police and agents, but are these really the problems that afflict them?

How many relatives and prisoners have not been deceived by promises and more promises, possible and impossible outcomes by lawyers. After all, lawyers are not guilty of the law being as it is, or are they? Who do they really advocate for?

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