Gegê do Mangue sentenced to 47 years and 3 months.

The condemnation imposed on Rogério Jeremias de Simone, Gegê do Mangue, was not taken seriously by anyone. The press reported but highlighted the scandal of Globo actor Jose Mayer. We live in a world of dreams and illusions.

That is clear and just does not see who does not want. The condemnation of Rogério Jeremias de Simone, Gegê do Mangue, proves this sad reality: a show was made to show that Justice works, but nothing in the routine of the First Command of the Capital.

We are children who scream. We are right and we have our own reasons, but neither reality nor the CCP is concerned with what we think or shout.

The First Command of the Capital was not shaken by the condemnation, just as Gegê do Mangue did not change his routine and did not lose his sleep, but the children smiled to see his condemnation on television.

I know it’s disgusting to talk like this, I know that many sensitive defenders of the Prison System will be irritated by reading this text, after all it was a cruel crime. Gegê was convicted of double triple homicide and gang formation.

No one doubts that he has actually been sent from within the prison to kill two thugs in the Sape favela, in the neighborhood of Rio Pequeno, West Zone of São Paulo, that is how the power game works inside and outside the prisons

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