First PCC Command for Americans and British.

We are full of right people when it comes to the First Command of the Capital that is seen by some as a satanic organization and by others as just representatives against the oppressors, and that is not good.

Karina managed to keep her study away from these certainties.

The media and some political groups behave like members of some religious sects that insist in the XXI century to demand the heads of members of other religious sects.

The great mass gawks at the heated debates, sometimes believing that the far right must take the power to burn the wicked, but believing that the wicked are pure and evil are their oppressors of the extreme right.

Professor Jonathan Haidt of the Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia points out in his research work on the foundations of morality in the various cultures precisely the growing disappearance of the power of the academic to stay out of this dispute and to do a prudent analysis of social issues.

Karina managed to keep her study within that prudence.

It shows that the CCP is not a group of “baptized brothers” who are there united for a criminal purpose, are thousands of criminal people or not forming a complex chain that “defies our sociological imagination” whose arrangement of social life between detainees and In relation to the state created something new, something hybrid.

The CCP, contrary to what most of its members believe, would not exist outside the State and the System, which not only sustains it but also strengthens it. Also opposing the view of most scholars, Karina asserts that the faction is not in the prisons to replace or complement its failures, it is an integral part of the system.

All of us have an “unconscious prejudice” inside us and those who beat them in the chest saying that it is not their case I suggest that during the next vacation visit the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, and just as Socrates learn two of the most important temple mottos : “Know thyself” and “nothing in excess”.

Karina kept in her study within these maxims.

So she describes her work for Charter Capital:

“My research does not offer an absolute truth. It is a point of view among the many possible. My view on the CCP is neither more nor less true than the view of lawyers, politicians, prosecutors, police officers. And each of these points of view refer to distinct realities, all of which are absolute in their perspectives. ”

Well, here is the gift suggestion for that dear friend who loves the English language and has already passed the stage of Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Agatha Christie.

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