Returns Roberto Tenório Bezerra ̶ Robertinho from PCC.

Returns Robertinho from PCC.

Every religion has its leader and its idols, and Robertinho is not part of this select group composed by Marcola, Gegê do Mangue, Peacock and the Owner of Cups.

The Kingdom of Salvation promised by the First Command of the Capital to its followers will only be achieved thanks to the media spectacles promoted by these leaders who add followers, create the public image of Robin Hood, and maneuver society through the defense speech of the oppressed by society.

The man does not live on bread alone, but faith in those leaders would dissolve the first breeze if they had not dug a deep foundation and Roberto Tenório Bezerra is part of that solid foundation that supports the PCC as an international drug organization.

Robertinho has worked for more than twenty years in the Triple Frontier between Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. He has been arrested in these three countries and is sentenced to 30 years in prison in Brazil, and is now returning deported to serve his sentence.

He was imprisoned for some time at the High Security Prison of Charqueados but did not cease to manage his business from within the prison system, as to that fact Minister Ricardo Lewandowski analyzing a Habeas Corpus petition by Robertinho said:

“It is worth mentioning … two shipments counted on the relevant coordination of Roberto Tenório Bezerra, … appointed as one of the largest suppliers of drugs from Paraguay to Brazil in activity in the region of the triple border.
Although collected … he commands, with cell phones, the work of the trafficker in Paraguay, codenamed William or Beija-Flor, with whom Robson has been acquiring the charges … “

Robson quoted by Lewandowski is none other than Robson Carlos de Andrade Maciel, the Robinho do Dendê, head of the criminal faction of the Third Comando Puro (TCP), who deals with the PCC through Robertinho, but is a friend of Blood’s enemies Of Friends (ADA) who are allies of the First Command of the Capital.

Minister Lewandowski gave his opinion on the negotiations that took place between the two from within the prisons:

“Based on telephone monitoring and fieldwork, …” Robinho do Dendê “… Exercising the intellectual command of the negotiations, … is the finished expression of the bankruptcy of the Brazilian penitentiary system … did not deprive it of easy and indiscriminate access to various devices cell phones…”

Well, not all joy lasts forever and not all suffering is eternal. Security at the high security prison was not high enough to keep Robinho stuck and he fled and went on to run his Paraguayan business but left the country after a siege by the Paraguayan police in 2013.
He was recaptured in but was eventually captured in January 2014 at a hotel in Puerto Iguazú in the Argentine province of Missiones. He again won the streets by crooked means and ended up being captured again in the last day 3 in the center of the City of the East in Paraguay.

The Paraguayan government continues in its policy to extradite faction members to Brazil as soon as possible and now Robertinho is back, did not bring with him the Kingdom of Salvation promised by the First Command of the Capital to his followers, but who knows Closer to being a media leader and no longer just as one of the solid foundation rocks.

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