The arrest of Rovilho Alekis Barboza and the end of the PCC.

PCC and the Justice of Paraguay.

Neither a human institution is eternal, all the great empires and organizations of the past are over, many bowing before their own weight, others dividing, and there are still those who have been destroyed by errors of their leaders.

The First Command of the Capital PCC 1533 is the largest criminal organization in Latin America, surpassing in number of men and territorial scope the traditional Colombian mafia that still holds great power in Narcosul, but now?

Men are emotionally driven animals, and just as other species group around leaders, the “alphas,” who dominate others through force, intelligence, or the expectations they create in their pack or herd.

I’m sorry, if you’re a human being, and you’re offended when I’ve called the leaders of your kind an alpha, so as not to create trouble, let’s call them presidents, emperors, prime ministers, scout chiefs, priests, or simply “leaders.”

Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler did not know the time to stop and left behind the corpses of their packs taken to a point of no return. In the Arctic cold the alphas’ error did not spare the lives of the French, the Germans, the reindeer, or the wolves, nor their empires, herds, or packs.

The CCP dominates most of the Brazilian prison population and controls a significant part of the illegal drug and arms trade in Brazil, but the Marcola organization has crossed the southern borders before consolidating its hegemony within the national territory, and ensuring stability Of the border in the north.

The Paraguayan state is taking advantage of this moment to intensify the repression of the First PCC Capital Command, which began after the attempted assassination of President Horacio Manuel Cartes Jara by the leaders of the First Command: Carlos Antonio Caballero and Jarvis Chimenes Pavão.

Repatriation cases were issued against CCP leaders who were detained in that country. Rovilho Alekis Barboza, Bilao, who was arrested a few days ago with guns, drugs, lots of money, in a corruption scheme involving not only the local police, but even the agents of the National Antidrug Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, had his request Extradition done almost immediately to his arrest, which shows the hurry of the authorities of that country.

No wonder, Brazilian Judge Naor Ribeiro de Macedo Neto stated that Bilao has “a prominent role in the intricate criminal organization according to the investigations carried out by GAECO … (and its) imprisonment … it is necessary in order that The criminal organization is dismantled. ”

Not a human institution is eternal, but is the First Command of the Capital a human organization? Men are emotionally driven animals and just as other species group around leaders who successfully create and manipulate dreams and hopes, nightmares, and fears in their followers, and Marcola does it very well.

Many leaders have not known the time to stop and have left behind the corpses of their packs taken to a point of no return, but will be the case of the followers of Marcola? No, it is not, we are seeing the birth of a new management phenomenon, and that society has no idea how to fight, meanwhile, tries to export the problem, but one day will have to face them.

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