The “Operation Agate” for border control is a fence?

Agata Operation

We live in a Christian society but we could not live and the phrase of John Pereira Coutinho still true to explain the failure of ENAFRON and SISFRON, in contrast to the success of the CPC in 1533 ..

“Moscow’s orphans not survive without faith.
And faith can not survive without saints and sinners. “

The ENAFRON and SISFRON acronyms mean “National Strategy for Public Security Border” and “Integrated Border Monitoring” both the Federal Government, and as everyone knows PCC 1533 refers to the “First Command of the Capital.”

 The ENAFRON was born in 2011 to integrate the public forces of Brazilian security with each other and with those of neighboring countries Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia, in addition to acting along the border society reducing poverty within and outside our borders.

A short summary the story involving the Public Safety action in border areas can be found in the work “Transboundary Crimes in cities of Mato Grosso do Sul Center” prepared by the Military Police Gleice Aguilar dos Santos.

On the one hand Gleice does a thorough analysis, on the other shows how things really work while the work is only theoretical, thanks to their professional experience and the interviews that gathered with the people who are in front.

The proposed target is beautiful in ENAFRON of profound theoretical basis, but in practice only shines in the media by the police and military actions like the Agate Operations and Sentinel, having had the first great media impact in 2012 and 2013 second Google Trends data .

Despite the efforts of the professional participants of operations and planning only left the show to the media that, according to some, is the last stronghold of defeated. Operation Agate sank together as ENAFRON surviving to present beautiful images for the press.

The cause of failure was the inability of national states to integrate winning local vanities, and cool tangled bureaucracy of each territory. The curtain of the advertising farce opened thanks to the two mega-robbery of the First Command of the Capital:

  • the strong Brinks car in Santa Cruz in Bolivia in March (1.3 million dollars)
  • and PROSEGUR in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay in April ($ 40 million).

The Minister of the Government of Bolivia, Carlos Romero, shortly after informing the Paulista faction did not act in his country, returned to the public to say that will (so even the verb in the future tense) exchange information with agencies of Brazilian securities . The Paraguayan government also declared open exchange of information.

Now, they may not know, but this is already happening according to SENASP – National Secretariat of Public Security of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil for at least five years.

João Pereira Coutinho says we need saints and sinners, but how is a society where the holy fool? How were we mere sinners who need and desperately want to believe?

The rallying cry of the First Capital Command is “Faith in God that He is right. If God is for us, who can be against us?” We need saints and sinners, but who are the saints and who are sinners anyway?

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