General of the city advising a companion.

Papo Reto Primeiro Comando da Capital

Many years ago, the manager of a toe in front of Oliver Lanches near Anzu Club was called to talk to the general of the Primeiro Comando da Capital – PCC 1533 in Itu.

Will talk, talk comes, and general today is no more brother asks the boy if he was still using drugs and give you some advice:

Manager: But, I stopped.

General: So, you have to stop my, will make money! If a tennis is pressing his foot, takes tennis! If tose’re hurting you, take a syrup! Of course, try to improve right, man! Gee, you’re a good guy, and will leave the drug.

Manager: He tended.

General: It will end with you. So just with her while you’re mastering it, in order, after she began to dominate you, ah !, oops !, Wait a minute! … It’s like when I was drinking, what happened? While I was good I climbed the stairs alone, I was perfect after nigger loaded I will put up the stairs, I said: “Do not drink more! Yeah my place, I’m giving work put others. Not for me. Beauty. “

Manager: That’s right!

General: Then I stopped. And we … Oh, let’s intern will put … I said, do not we have wrist. I said I quit drinking and quit drinking! Today I go to a lot of celebration around face, our, cachaça is the most offers, do not drink. Buy rum, I have in the fridge, beer, these baguios because it has visitors, I do not drink. Guarana drink, you know? Bébe will put to work other pros!?! Understood?

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