Fear and hate feed the First Command.

The Leviatã - fear and hate of the PCC

The english Thomas Hobbes, dead more than three hundred years ago, comes back to haunt us. He clearly described in Leviathan the discourse of fear and hate that involves, accuses, maintains, and protects the criminal organization First Command of Capital PCC 1533.

Researcher Yara Frateschi during the Philosophical Coffee Program CPFL defined the hobbesian conception of the individual as “individualistic individual”. This was the key I needed to understand the concept of what the CCP is as a body.

The “Family 15.3.3” is a close and united group, where all see themselves as brothers and companions, but which, unlike the self-propagated image, consists of men and women mobilized mainly by the principle of self-interest.

This would be the great move of domination on the part of the leadership, since its members become prey and tormentors of the fear and the hate, and these are the two great turbines that generate the energy for the exponential growth of the organization.

As each one struggles within the organization to secure and expand their space they encounter strong resistance. The camouflaged but fierce internal struggle, forges its soldiers for the war at the same time that fear and the hate this system strengthens it.

All this concentrated energy has to be overflow, but some social forces have already shown that they can contrast as was the case with the 2006 police reaction that killed hundreds of faction members.

In this way the leadership of the First Command of the Capital, not disposing to go to its Waterloo directly opposing the public forces, chose to concentrate the fear and the hatred of its members against the other criminal factions.

We could feel the explosion of this energy in the way its members chase and kill members of the Red Command CV, FDN Northern Family, and the SDC Crime Syndicate. Marcola, like King Menelaus, use emotional reasons to ensure that fear and hatred guarantee strategic and economic advantages.

The Hobbesian methodology used by the Marcola team broke off a declared war against the Brazilian State and organized society in 2006 at a time when the First Command organization was still in strategic advantage.

The moral strength gained during the attacks was not lost and profits were capitalized on structuring the new strategy. In just over a decade almost all Brazilian states are under the domination of the CCP and now the border countries are being invaded.

The Englishman Thomas Hobbes showed the way for the leadership of the First Command, however, Isaiah Berlin, another Englishman, says that it is a matter of time for this scheme to fail simply because no project of perfection survives for long.

The individual interests of each one of the leadership and of each one of its leaders will constantly conflict until an irreversible rupture point, nevertheless until that moment the growth will be vertiginous.

In the same way, those who oppose and fight against the Sao Paulo faction also use the discourse of fear and hatred.

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