The First Command of the Capital and the Hydra of Lerna.

The PCC and the Hydra of Lerna

In my grandfather’s time he knew that it was right to stand in the doorway, waiting for the owner of the house to give permission to enter; He knew that when he met a priest he should ask for a blessing; Who should give the place on the bus or train for a woman to sit; And that it should never refer to an Afro descendant of Negro, but of “person of color.”

Time passed and not everything my grandfather thought was right was true, but he believed in his heart that he was right, always.

This came to me when I read criticism in comments made in a posting on Facebook about the decision of the governor of the state of São Paulo not to transfer to the federal prisons the leadership of the First Command of the Capital.

To understand the debate, Folha de São Paulo reporter Rogério Pagnan presents several facts about the faction in the matter: “CLUBE DO CRIME – In war with other factions, PCC adopts expansion strategy for national domain of trafficking.”

Pagnan closes the report with the justification for not transferring Marcola and other leaders of the First Command of the Capital to the federal prisons given by Lourival Gomes, secretary of the Penitentiary Administration of São Paulo:

“I would just like these people to ponder whether this is right or wrong. (…) We just did not send 16 because we are sure that this will not work ”
“If we remove these prisoners to federal prison, be assured that all serious intelligence agencies will know nothing more, nothing, nothing. They will not be able to dominate or control organized crime, much less fight … ”

I understand the line of reasoning of the current administration, but Gomes is in fact only presenting a part of the truth, since he hides what in my view is the main reason for Alckmin’s choice: the breaking of the implicit pact of pacification.

The effect of the pacification of the state imposed by the First Command within the prisons and on the streets of the state of São Paulo is a reality less and less challenged by scholars, media, and agents of Public Security and the administration of Justice.

The collapse of the pact by the state government would create chaos with hundreds of deaths among security and justice agents, prisoners, and citizens; As well as an incalculable direct and indirect economic loss due to terrorist actions like those of 2006.

I see for myself that there is still a deeper and more singular reason that prevents the state from cutting off the leaders of the First Command of the Capital, the Hydra effect of Lerna.

There are two factors about Hydra of Lerna, the nine-headed monster of Greek mythology, which we can not forget:
Immortal: one of the heads can not be destroyed. Like Nazism there will always be followers of the First Command, today or a hundred years from now, the state at most will be able to control, but never kill; and
Mortal: the poison of this creature is mortal, Hercules managed to contain the Hydra, but died a few days later due to its poison.

This creature of Greek mythology had as its main characteristic the fact that when cutting one of its nine heads another two or three were born in place of that one, and this is the fear of Alckmin, since the isolation of the known leaders of the CCP would have a similar effect Aggravated by two factors:
Location: intelligence agencies would have to find out who they would be and from where the new leaders would act, making it difficult to monitor eavesdropping; and
Social control: the new spontaneous leaderships within the faction would be composed of younger and inexperienced members, more willing to use lethal force against the population, police, and justice officials to impose themselves, unlike the current professionalized summit opting for profit Operation of the sale of drugs and weapons.

In my grandfather’s time he would know what was right: “If you have a rotten apple it must be separated from the others so that the whole basket will not rot.” I have no doubt that he would find it right to separate and isolate First Command leaders, but time passed and not everything my grandfather thought was right was true, but he wholeheartedly believed he was right, always.

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